Worship Overview
If you haven’t attended a church with a traditional heritage, our worship services might seem a little strange to you.

We do not gather to be entertained or to do something for God. We gather to be served by God. God serves us through his Word. He serves us with forgiveness through his representative, the pastor. He serves us through the sacraments, Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

At Beautiful Savior you will hear God’s Word throughout the service. The liturgy, or order of service, is full of prayers, songs, readings, and responses, each based on sections of God's Word. The service has at it's center a sermon, an explanation of God's Word with an encouragement from God's Word. Our hymns and songs are written to carry the message of the life saving gospel. They serve as a way for our members to proclaim God's Word to one another and respond to God's grace with joy.  Some of the songs and rituals will be unfamiliar, but they all focus our hearts on what our God has done for us.