About Us
Beautiful Savior     Jesus Christ is our Beautiful Savior. Even though he was wounded and bled and died a horrible death on the cross, to us he is 
                                 beautiful for “by his wounds, we are healed.”
Evangelical            This word comes from a Greek word meaning “Good News,” as an evangelical church we are dedicated to bringing the good news of
                                salvation in Jesus to all nations, especially to those around us in the Willamette Valley.
Lutheran                We are Lutheran because we teach and subscribe to the Lutheran Confessions as put forth in the Book of Concord, because they are
                                 a correct explanation of what the Bible teaches.
Church                   A church is not a building; it is a gathering. We are those whom God has gathered together around his Word, so that we can
                               encourage one another in Christ and work together in this world

Beautiful Savior
Evangelical Lutheran Church

Our Lord Jesus has given us, his church, the mission of making disciples (Matthew 28:19).

In obedience to this command, we will:

  • See to it that the Word of God is preached and the sacraments are rightly administered.
  • Provide the means for personal, spiritual growth to our members.
  • Provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, mutual support and encouragement in the love of Christ.
  • Share with our friends and neighbors the love of God in Christ Jesus.
  • Support the proclamation of God's saving message at home and throughout the world.