Their mother had given each of them 5 dollars to spend at the mall. The older brother had squandered most of it very quickly, but as his brother came out of the candy store, he was regretting a few of those arcade games. No worries, he had an idea. “Joey, come here! How much money do you have left?” His brother showed him a dollar and a few cents but he held a bag full of candy. This idea just might work. “Were you planning on going to the arcade?” The younger looked at the flashing lights and smiled. “Well then, you’re going to need some quarters!” I will trade you three quarters for your one dollar; three is better than one.” His brother eyed him suspiciously; why would his brother try and help him like this? Seeing his brother thinking it through, he added, “But you’ll have to give me one of your candies, too. I think that’ll make it a pretty fair trade. Now come on, mom will be out of that clothing store any second.” Still worrying that his brother might be tricking him, Joey made the trade anyway and ran to the arcade. With a smirk, his brother bought a pop and sat down to enjoy his brother’s candy.


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