Our Beliefs

In accordance with the Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds and the Lutheran Confessions: 

We believe that God created all that exists.

We also believe that he sent his Son, true God from all eternity, to become man, to save all people from their sins. God’s Son, Jesus, was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary. He lived a perfect life and died an innocent death so that we could be forgiven. He rose from the dead on the third day to assure us that we are forgiven. He ascended into heaven and rules all things. He will come again in all his glory to judge the living and the dead.

We also believe in the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and Son, to call us to faith, strengthen us in our faith in Word and Sacrament, gather us together with all believers, and keep us in the one true faith. 

We believe that by faith in the work of our Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we have eternal life. Therefore we will give thanks to God in word and deed in all we do.
For more information and details on what we believe please see This We Believe from the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

Our History

The name Beautiful Savior was chosen in 1971 when Pastor Warren Widmann established an unorganized mission and the men of the congregation began work on a constitution.  On November 26, 1972 a constitution was adopted and we became an organized congregation.  The land also was purchased for our church and parsonage.

Looking back, Beautiful Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church members give thanks for the miraculous blessings from the Lord, our God, and Savior.  We find that the children of God at this place were and still are recipients of many good things through God's divine love and protection.

"The mission spirit of the people and their high regard for the truth and purity of God's Word" is what stands today, as it did when Pastor Mark Hannemann first arrived in 1973. The congregation of 28 communicant members met in the band room at the middle school on Highland Avenue for Sunday worship.  In the next two years the Lord blessed the congregation with an increase of members, so the Mission Board granted them the funds to build their own building.

The building project again showed how much the Lord Jesus meant to the people. They gave of their time and talents in planning the church and parsonage buildings. They also made large financial commitments needed to meet the mortgage payments and did some of the work themselves.  On November 7, 1976 by God's grace, the new church building was dedicated and the parsonage soon after.

On April 12, 1978 Pastor Hannemannn and his family left to shepherd a congregation in Michigan.  We placed a call to the seminary.  The Lord sent Duane Vanselow and his wife Jan.  He was ordained and installed July 16, 1978 as our pastor.  After 37 years of serving the congregation of Beautiful Savior Pastor Vanselow retired January 31, 2016.  

On August 7, 2016 Pastor Luke Tembreull accepted the call to serve as pastor of Beautiful Savior. Pastor Tembreull moved from Two Rivers, WI, where he served as pastor of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church. He was installed as pastor of Beautiful Savior on September 18, 2016, looking forward to all the opportunities for the gospel here in Corvallis.

For 46 years of God's grace Beautiful Savior has been an act of faith from the beginning trusting God will provided the way.

Our Synod

Beautiful Savior is a proud member the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).  The WELS has been around since 1850, and serves nearly 400,000 Christians in North America, and supports mission work in 25 countries around the world.

Beautiful Savior follows the Bible as the first and foremost authority. We also hold to the Lutheran Confessions. These documents were prepared in the 16th century during the Lutheran Reformation. Undeniably, life is not the same today as it was in Germany in the 1500s. Fortunately for all of us, God remains the same forever. The truths of grace, love, redemption and the practical wisdom for life God has given us through His Word are just as real and useful today.  We seek to share the life giving message of Jesus, honoring the past and looking to the future.

Pastor Luke Tembreull is a former Minnesotan. Though this means you can likely find him cheering for the Vikings in the fall, and the Twins all spring, summer, and fall, the orange and black of the Beavers are proudly worn in the Tembreull home. You may also notice a slight accent from time to time, no he’s not from Canada, but the long “o’s” and “a’s” get a bit northern. Hopefully he will be in Oregon long enough that people aren’t offended if he says he’s an Oregonian.

Pastor Tembreull is a husband and a father. He and his wife, Katie, met in high school and were married in 2005. In 2008, the Lord blessed them with a daughter, Lydia. Together, they enjoy as many of the adventures as Oregon has to offer.

Pastor Tembreull is a veteran. He served 6 years in the Army National Guard as an artilleryman and was deployed to Iraq for 16 months from spring of 2006-late summer of 2007. He is proud to have served his country, and continues to pray for his brothers and sisters in arms and all those who have served and are currently serving our nation.

Pastor Tembreull is a Lutheran theologian. He is a product of the Wisconsin Synod Lutheran School system from pre-kindergarten through Seminary, graduating of St. Croix Lutheran in West St. Paul, MN in 2002, receiving a BA from Martin Luther College in 2008, and his Master of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2012. Diplomas, however, do not make a pastor or theologian, Luke Tembreull became Pastor Tembreull when he was called to serve Our Savior Lutheran Church in Two Rivers, WI. He was blessed to serve them with Word and sacrament for four years before accepting the call to serve as pastor of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in 2016. He feels very blessed that the Lord has called him to proclaim the wonderful message of sins forgiven to the souls here in Corvallis.